Conor McGregor And Urijah Faber Get Heated, Predicts Dillishaw’s Departure On UFC Tonight!

“Snake In The Grass”


Conor McGregor and UFC and MMA veteran Urijah Faber get into it on this episode of UFC Tonight. Conor and Urijah were the coaches on the The Ultimate Fighter 22: McGregor and Faber, with their rivalry contining after filming had ended.

On the show, Conor pointed out that TJ Dillashaw, the longtime friend and training partner of Urijah, was becoming closer to his new coach after he became champion and was going to leave Uriah behind, thus branding him disloyal, with the now famous quote, “He’s a snake in the grass”. He also warned Urijah that TJ was only the show to promote himself and not to help Urijah and his team. This proved to be an accurate assessment, as TJ left Team Alpha Male a few months later in a bitter split.

In this video, they discuss this topic, a potential fight between Conor and Uriah, Conor and TJ and what it was like to film the show.

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